IDM Prediction Model Simulator Software

Model Simulator is an advanced tool for researchers, Data scientists, Mathematicians, and statisticians to transform their prediction model into a live app.


convert it into a

live app!

Wither your model is a regression or mixed model or any other modeling concept generated by statistical software like SPSS, SAS, R, or Stata, with Model Simulator you can convert it into a live application and allow users to use it.

Single or Multiple Outcome Prediction Model Model

Model Simulator can allow you to build a single outcome model (for example user retention model) or a multiple outcome model (A model that can generate different results based on single input form. For example, chronic diseases prediction model to predict diabetes, cholesterol, hyperlipidemia at the same time).


IDM Prediction Model Simulator


Your Model Simulator live app allow users to test or use your prediction model and store their input. You can use users input to re-validate your model or monitor data drifting.

Prediction Model Simulator Upgrades

We can Upgrade your live app with user sms or email validation, payment per use, and run it on your own domain with extra fees.

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