Research Data Governance

Data: The New Currency - the Beginning of the Data Age.

Catalyzing Innovation and Growth

Catalyzing Innovation and Growth

Catalyzing Innovation and Growth: Revolutionize National Research Institutions with ZDataCloud and Effective Research Data Governance

IDM Research Data Governance Saudi Arabia 2030

Catalyzing Innovation and Growth

The Revolution of Data as Intangible Assets

The Hidden Value of Data

IDM approach to Data Governance for data as assets

The Opportunities and Benefits of Recognizing Data as an Intangible Asset - Read More

The How-To Guide to Unlock Data as Assets

The First Written Manuscript on the Topic of Research Data Governance

Understanding and implementing robust data governance is a complex, yet crucial task for academic institutions. "Navigating Research Data Governance" is a comprehensive guide that demystifies this task, offering insightful, actionable steps for universities and research centers to transition into data-driven institutions. Drawing from the ISO 37000 governance principles, this book is an indispensable resource for those seeking to unlock the full potential of their data assets, and an invitation to contribute to a more sustainable, data-driven future. Buy the book
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The How-To Guide to Unlock Data as Assets

A Comprehensive Solution for Research Data Governance

ZDataCloud: Revolutionizing Research Data Governance with ISO 37000 Principles

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ZDataCloud Research Data Governance

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ZDataCloud - The Golden Standard in Research Data governance & Quality

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