Research Projects Execution

In IDM we provide a full range execution of primary and secondary research projects in Saudi Arabia including scientific research, market, consumer behaviour, consumer experience and satisfaction, reputation & brand assessment, operation optimization, and market validation.

IDM Research Execution Process

1. Protocol Design

We start our research project execution service with developing the research protocol which include full methodology details including scientific design, recruitment methods, data collection or acquisition method, data transformation and preparation method, data analysis method, reporting standards, expected outcomes, and project timeline. This document will be developed according to the highest scientific standards and will be used as a reference for all the following steps to ensure the quality of the service.

2. Data Acquisition

Whether it is a primary data or secondary data our team will start the process of acquiring the necessary data according to the requirements in the protocol document. Data will be cleaned and transformed into the appropriate format to be analysed. We usually use SPSS data analysis package; however, we can generate the data in any format required by our clients. We have strategic partnerships in Saudi Arabia with many organizations in addition to our high-quality large data lake to insure using the best data available for your project.

3. Data Analysis

IDM team have experts in data analysis in most fields and able to perform the most complex data analysis requirements and will provide you with consultation on the best statistical procedures or analysis models to use. We can perform wide range of data analysis including univariate, bivariate, multivariate analysis such as regression analysis, machine learning models, prediction models, and mixed-model analysis. All analysis steps and results will be documented with the procedure to allow replication of results if needed.

4. Reporting & Utilization

After the completion of data analysis, we draft the final report including topic background and introduction, executive summary, method, results, and discussion with relevant knowledge. We can also convert the results into IDM Boards.
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